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Music Production

We offer professional Audio & Video Production


Voice-over, Audio restoration etc..

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing & Mastering (both Digital & Analogue)

Phyzzo Albums

  • Hustle Ni Lazima [2014]

    This is My second Album produced by myself in the year 2014. It has six Quality Tracks.
  • Maisha Yangu [2008 - 2012]

    This Was My First Mixtape produced by myself between the year 2008 - 2012. It has 16 Tracks and mixtapes. Read more...

Phyzzo Records Youtube Videos

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Copyist & Copyright Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Brian a.k.a Brayo Fresh To Death (F.T.D) generally assists in collecting and distributing royalties due to copyright owners. Responsibilities include registering claims to songs at collection agencies, processing the royalties which result from the exploitation of songs, data entry of song information into copyright/royalty systems and copyright research. As a Copyist he creates the final, written music to use during a recording session. Traditionally, the composer or orchestrator would present the Copyist with a music score written in pencil.


Marketing Analyst

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Jackson is our Marketing Analyst and responsible for compiling data based on consumer groups, target markets, past campaigns, and other PME data to help analyze and recommend new marketing campaigns or techniques for our brand

Primary Responsibilities.

  • Examine a campaign's return on investment.
  • Identify new market opportunities.
  • Complete concept-testing for new PME products.
  • Perform extensive market research.


Entertainment Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Hiram Ngatho a.k.a Rahim Hiram is also a university Graduate who is an entertainer and he is in charge of constantly spewing information to the public, Organizing public and private Events. He is also responsible for finding and signing new music talent. He has a thorough understanding of music and the contemporary music scene. Work with Marketing and Events associates to produce client commissioned behind-the-scenes event videos. This involves shooting events, conducting interviews, editing and liaising with clients throughout the process.


Video Director / Producer

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Naftaly Muriuki a.k.a Nafki is the one incharge of directing and producing our music videos and animation. He is a University Graduate, talented and skilled producer with a Vast Experience in: Modeling, Animation, 3D visualization, 3D rigging, Compositing, Film Editing, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Info Graphics, Visual Effects, Dvd Authoring,Film Production,Web Design, Multimedia Consultancy. Work with sales and strategic business development teams and individuals to develop and execute Audio/video components in RFPs.


Mastering Engineer

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Kelvin Kipsang aka Kipis is a Mastering Engineer skilled in the practice of taking audio (typically musical content) that has been previously mixed in either the analog or digital domain as mono, stereo, or multichannel formats and preparing it for use in distribution, whether by physical media such as a CD, vinyl record, or as some method of streaming audio. He has a comprehensive domain knowledge of audio engineering, holding an audio engineering degree.

He is responsible for a final edit of a product and preparation for manufacturing copies

Phyzzo official

C.E.O - Phyzzo Music Empire [P.M.E]

Music Producer & Lead Consultant

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Austin Peter Inziano a.k.a Phyzzo is young Multi-talented Sound Engineer and a Computer Scientist by proffession. He is the Chief Executive Oficer at Phyzzo Music Empire [P.M.E] and the man behind the sweet tunes under Phyzzo Records [PR] Recording Label (Music Producer). He also has a vast Experience in: Audio Sound Design and egineering, Sound Mastering, Music Production,Voice Recording, Foley Design,Live Sound,Web Design,Programing (Java,Java Script,Ruby,Php,c++)System Administration and IT Consultancy

Phyzzo Records Playlist

Phyzzo Records TV

Services at Phyzzo Records

Music Production

Music Production

  • Ksh.2,500/- Recording if You’ve got your own instrumental, Full Proffessional Audio Single Production @ Ksh.5,000/- i.e. 50% Off (Ksh.10,000/- Normal), Single HD Video ranging from 15k to Ksh.50,000/-


Music Lessons and Instructions

Music Lessons and Instructions

  • Music Production Certificate Course @ 18k i.e. 40% Off (10K deposit), Video Production Certificate Course @ 18k i.e. 40% Off (10K deposit)

Sound & Lighting Systems 4 Hire

Sound & Lighting Systems 4 Hire

From full scale concert sound & lighting equipment, to a simple projector hire, we have the right equipment for you.

Events Organizing

Events Organizing

By organizing a local event, you can educate your peers, organize fellow activists, and get your community involved.