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Phyzzo Records is a recording label run by Phyzzo Music Empire [PME] whose ambition is the burning desire to make a difference in a society with limited resources and touch the lives of the youth through music and entertainment.

From the Great-Rift, Phyzzo Records is a celebrated production power house that is associated with the changing faces of urban music in the region and the influence it now has on the youth today.

Originally set up in late 2007 as a music production house in Nairobi, PR had a vision to capture the immense youthful talent, nature and create African Stars and showcase these stars Nationwide through quality productions that could compete with the best. In 2011 we expanded and opened a PR branch in Nakuru City and we have been and still in business till to date. In November 2015, Phyzzo was voted as the Best Audio Producer of the Year under the producers category during the inaugural Great-Rift Flamingo Music Awards that took place in Nakuru City at the highly emotive event held in Legacy Hotel and was attended by hundreds of fans.

Over the years PR has recorded and produced artistes that have made a big impression in the region and beyond. Under the brand name Phyzzo Music Empire - PME, the Empire has now grown to become a one stop entertainment shop housing a music production unit, Phyzzo Records -PR.


Our Philosophy - "Production Solutions That Make Sense"

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable. At PME we hold our notes longer, better, and higher. We put the mental in instrumental and the cool in musicool.

YOU need that sound, We give you what you want!! Get all your projects done from scratch to completion within the shortest time possible. We offer professional Audio & Video Production (Recording, shooting and editing), Mixing services, Artist and song development, Voice-over recording, Mastering (both Digital and Analogue), Audio restoration and Noise reduction.

We also provide, lighting equipment and sound systems for hire at affordable rates For more in4 please call the manager on 0726113015 or 0737113015





Phyzzo official

C.E.O - Phyzzo Music Empire [P.M.E]

Music Producer & Lead Consultant

Mr. Austin Peter Inziano a.k.a Phyzzo is young Multi-talented...Read More


Mastering Engineer - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Kevin Kipsang a.k.a Kipis is our Concert Manager and his job is to ensure the smooth running...Read More


Video Director / Producer - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Naftaly Muriuki a.k.a Nafki is the one incharge of...Read More


Entertainment Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Hiram Ngatho a.k.a Rahim Hiram is also a university Graduate who is an entertainer and he is...Read More


Marketing Analyst - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Jackson is our Marketing Analyst and responsible for...Read More


Artist Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Rony a.k.a Ronnio An Artist Manager works on behalf of....Read More


Concert Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Kevin a.k.a Kayvo is our Concert Manager and his job is to...Read More


Copyright Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Brian a.k.a Brayo Fresh To Death (F.T.D) generally assists in collecting and...Read More


Business Development Manager.

Ms. Catherine a.k.a Cate is PME Business Development Manager res....Read More


Stage Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Ms. Tracy is a master of organization and communication. She is of...Read More

phyzzo gire

Marketing Manager - Phyzzo Records.

Ms. Grace a.k.a Gire is a University Graduate and our...Read More


Database Administrator - Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Micaiah a.k.a Mic is the PME DBA. He provides the backend support for....Read More

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