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Business Development Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Ms. Catherine a.k.a Cate is PME Business Development Manager responsible for carrying out strategy to develop our Music business, PME profile and in line with PME's goals. She manages the team of people responsible for researching the existing market and emerging trends in the music industry. She uses statistical data and analysis to make recommendations on where there is potential for growth or change and to advise on the strategy for growth. She may also analyze the position of the company or organization and make recommendations on any changes PME may need to make in the structure or activities in order to achieve our objectives.

She is a skilled Business Development Manager specializing in the music business with a thorough understanding of the music industry, and in particular of any niche or specialized sectors of the industry, and of current and emerging trends. She analyzes the existing customer base or audience and current revenues from, for example, ticket sales, downloads or other music sales and then identifies potential opportunities and advise on any action that may be required to maximize further potential.

As well as music industry knowledge a Business Development Manager she has an excellent numerical and statistical analysis skills, database skills, a detailed and organized approach to work while retaining an ability to see "the big picture and an aptitude for planning and project management.