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Database Administrator

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Micaiah a.k.a Mic is the PME DBA. He provides the backend support for PME systems' database for its proper functioning, and re-designing as well. His responsibilities include collecting data, analyzing the collected information, designing algorithms, drawing flowcharts and then implementing code for the logic developed through these algorithms and flowcharts.

As a Database developers, Mic has mastered database programming skills using database languages like Oracle, PL SQL and MS Access which are widely used. He also has an expertise in writing queries and creating tables using Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is essential for database developers.

Apart from database programming languages, he has the ability to design logic and understand the concepts of other programming languages which are used in the frontend development process. He has Sound logical skills and ability to develop code from scratch which are key attributes required for database developers.


Business Development Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Ms. Catherine a.k.a Cate is PME Business Development Manager responsible for carrying out strategy to develop our Music business, PME profile and in line with PME's goals. She manages the team of people responsible for researching the existing market and emerging trends in the music industry. She uses statistical data and analysis to make recommendations on where there is potential for growth or change and to advise on the strategy for growth. She may also analyze the position of the company or organization and make recommendations on any changes PME may need to make in the structure or activities in order to achieve our objectives.

She is a skilled Business Development Manager specializing in the music business with a thorough understanding of the music industry, and in particular of any niche or specialized sectors of the industry, and of current and emerging trends. She analyzes the existing customer base or audience and current revenues from, for example, ticket sales, downloads or other music sales and then identifies potential opportunities and advise on any action that may be required to maximize further potential.

As well as music industry knowledge a Business Development Manager she has an excellent numerical and statistical analysis skills, database skills, a detailed and organized approach to work while retaining an ability to see "the big picture and an aptitude for planning and project management.


Concert Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Kevin a.k.a Kayvo is our Concert Manager and his job is to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal and concert, with particular responsibilities for the artist, singers or other musicians. He makes decisions, with the Organizer or director, about rehearsals, concert schedules and arrangements, and make sure those requirements are met.

The Concert Manager's task includes making the necessary arrangements for each dress rehearsal and concert, on site implementation of the arrangements, liaison with the Event Organizer and other key people to decide what equipment and arrangements will be needed (for example lighting or risers), see that these arrangements are made, procure and arrange for the transportation of borrowed equipment to the hall and for its return, organize access arrangements needed to get into the venue to set up, take down, and store equipment. He is also be responsible for the concert seating plan if desired by the music director or Event Organizer

Depending on the organization he work for, a his role may overlap with that of promoter. He may have responsibilities for programing, negotiating deals, budgeting, ticketing, licenses, taxes, work permits, deal memos, contracts, sponsorship, public funding, production, staging and promotion.


Artist Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Rony a.k.a Ronnio An Artist Manager works on behalf of groups or artists to promote the artists' careers and run their business affairs. He is responsible in securing the best work for our clients, for the best fee.

His other task include: negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing media relations on their behalf.

He has advanced by building a strong reputation for good client services, and attracting more top performers onto his books.

As a manager he started his career by managing the careers of friends and also as an entertainer himself, and gained knowledge by promoting his own talents. He represents a roster of artists, and cultivate relationships with music industry decision makers on their behalf. He will negotiate deals, support and guide our clients' careers.

He keeps up to date with what's happening in the industry, and he spends a lot of time establishing and maintaining relationships, using contacts to source work for our clients. He also promotes our clients' work, and he is often involved in liaison during the music recording process. He may also organize and negotiate contracts for release and publishing, and they communicate with the press.

He has a sound knowledge of the music business and current trends and the ability to develop and maintain a range of industry contacts, requiring good judgment, which is acquired through experience by working in the role.

phyzzo gire

Marketing Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Miss Grace a.k.a Gire is a University Graduate and our Marketing Manager responsible for designing and implementing marketing plans that leads to conversions for our artists and the brand PME through album sales, subscriptions, streams, attendance figures and much more. She does research on new forms of media and communications, publishing and sharing of content, and gathering of prices for advertisements and promotions. She is also responsible for devising promotional events, giveaways, sponsorships and partnerships with similar-minded music and non-music brands.