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Concert Manager

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Kevin a.k.a Kayvo is our Concert Manager and his job is to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal and concert, with particular responsibilities for the artist, singers or other musicians. He makes decisions, with the Organizer or director, about rehearsals, concert schedules and arrangements, and make sure those requirements are met.

The Concert Manager's task includes making the necessary arrangements for each dress rehearsal and concert, on site implementation of the arrangements, liaison with the Event Organizer and other key people to decide what equipment and arrangements will be needed (for example lighting or risers), see that these arrangements are made, procure and arrange for the transportation of borrowed equipment to the hall and for its return, organize access arrangements needed to get into the venue to set up, take down, and store equipment. He is also be responsible for the concert seating plan if desired by the music director or Event Organizer

Depending on the organization he work for, a his role may overlap with that of promoter. He may have responsibilities for programing, negotiating deals, budgeting, ticketing, licenses, taxes, work permits, deal memos, contracts, sponsorship, public funding, production, staging and promotion.

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