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Database Administrator

Phyzzo Records.

Mr. Micaiah a.k.a Mic is the PME DBA. He provides the backend support for PME systems' database for its proper functioning, and re-designing as well. His responsibilities include collecting data, analyzing the collected information, designing algorithms, drawing flowcharts and then implementing code for the logic developed through these algorithms and flowcharts.

As a Database developers, Mic has mastered database programming skills using database languages like Oracle, PL SQL and MS Access which are widely used. He also has an expertise in writing queries and creating tables using Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is essential for database developers.

Apart from database programming languages, he has the ability to design logic and understand the concepts of other programming languages which are used in the frontend development process. He has Sound logical skills and ability to develop code from scratch which are key attributes required for database developers.